Mill road mill

The image of the poultry barn posted the other day was taken on a visit to the Nippenose Valley. On our way home we turned on to Mill Road and much to our surprise and delight there was a mill on Mill Road. It looked quite old and appeared to be undergoing renovation. Save the shouts of children playing nearby there wasn’t anyone around – that was my cue to explore. The waterwheel was impressive; I didn’t measure it but my best guess is that it was nearly 20 feet in diameter. Since there was no one around to ask about the age of the mill I did some research and learned that the same sort of waterwheel has been in operation at New Hope Mills in New York State since 1823. The first image below shows the Mill Road mill and its waterwheel and the second shows teeth of the very large gear which is driven by the same. I am delighted to know that this beautiful structure exists nearby and that it is being looked after.

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