Fields, down by the river, are usually planted to corn and soybeans. This year was no different save a few very welcome plots of sunflowers. I have been watching these since early spring. At first perplexed as to what these unfamiliar germlings might be it soon became clear that they were sunflowers. I kept a close eye on the fields hoping to capture some images for this blog. Just as soon as the plants came into flower however these apparently shy individuals quickly turned their heads toward the ground and set seed. Opportunity lost. Until today. As a result of a touch of frost the living hues of yellow and green faded to brown. This, together with dry air, combined to darken the plant tissues further to grey and black. As I drove along the river today it struck me that these plants looked like a large group of people bowing in solemn reverence. Although these are not the photographs I had anticipated last spring I think they are every bit as interesting.

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