Cairn moot

It is usually either work or the weather which keep me from time with the camera in support of creating images for this Pairodox photoblog. This week, however, it has been one of the nastiest colds I have had in recent memory. It’s been such a long time since I have had a hard cold that I was beginning to believe I had developed immunity to all strains of infective rhinovirus. Boy, was I wrong. Wednesday was a blur, I am convinced that Thursday never happened, and I was worthless on Friday. After convincing myself that I did not have either Malaria, Ebola, or Dengue Fever I rallied yesterday in spite of the sinus congestion, head ache, and nasal discharge that just would not quit. Joanna and I had tentative plans for a photo safari but by the time errands, chores, and an unexpected trip to the veterinarian were complete, only a few hours of daylight remained … so up the hill I ventured in search of rocks, water, and solitude. I hope those who follow this blog have not yet tired of these portraits for cairns have come to fill several important niches for me. They allow for time outside and in the woods, demand focused relaxation, and in the bargain I am oftentimes able to capture an image appropriate for posting on this blog. The afternoon brought a bit of blue sky and sunshine sufficient to illuminate the cobbled bottom of the small tributary stream which runs through our woods. In the past I have concentrated on single structures and this time I wanted to focus on what I came to call a Cairn Moot. I first built and photographed the three stacks to the left. Thinking the woods to the right looked empty I added two more stacks for balance. I have desaturated the wood to bring out the color and patterning in the stones. For those who have been worrying about the wet feet which often result from such expeditions, you will be pleased to know that I borrowed a pair of hipboots for the weekend. I thought I could bring these along and change into them once I reached my destination. With the very best of intention I carried these up the hill but in my rush to get started put them down with the camera equipment and neglected to put them on before stepping into the water. My regular boots flooded almost immediately and these, my coveralls, and jeans are now drying by the wood stove.Rocks3smaller

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