Give thanks

Let’s begin with something from motivational speaker Brenda Schoepp. “My grandfather used to say, Once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer.” How true. Farming is hard work, in so many ways … some of which may not be so obvious. The average last-day-of-frost in our area is May 10. Our weather this spring has been up-and-down, literally insofar as temperatures are concerned. We were well into the 90s last week, down to just about freezing the last two nights, and the forecasters are calling for temperatures into the 90s again later this week. A number of folks have spent the better part of two weeks planting tomatoes down in the Susquehanna floodplain. As I made my way to town the other day I tried to estimate just how many plants were placed into the ground there. My conservative estimate was one million. The National Weather Service announced a frost warning last night and on my way to town at 6 AM there were spots of frost here and there, on the roofs, lawns, and even along the beautifully cultivated river-bottom fields. I’m sure the tomato plants and these corn seedlings were quite chilly overnight but looked unscathed by sunrise. Farming is a risky business and prone to so many vagaries out of one’s control. Next time you see a farmer, why not say Thanks?


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