Just another day

Every Day She Takes A Morning Bath She Wets Her Hair,
Wraps A Towel Around Her
As She’s Heading For The Bedroom Chair,
It’s Just Another Day.
Slipping Into Stockings,
Stepping Into Shoes,
Dipping In The Pockets Of Her Raincoat.
Ah, It’s Just Another Day.
[Thanks to Sir Paul for these words.]

It’s 5:00 AM .. these lyrics run through my head as I focus, and then I .. pull back the cover .. lower my feet to the floor .. sit .. equilibrate .. listen .. stand up .. straighten .. do a quick systems check .. recall what day it is .. draw down a blind .. cogitate on the depth of the snowfall .. draw up the blind .. walk to the closet .. get dressed (quickly, the house is cold) .. down the hall .. brush teeth .. start at my reflection .. note the kiss of warm air on my face as I negotiate the stairs .. check the living room temperature .. check the stack temperature in the big stove .. open the big stove and note its remaining embers .. get wood from the wood closet .. load the big stove .. shut down the big stove .. check the kitchen temperature .. check the outside temperature .. check the stack temperature in the cook stove .. open the cook stove and note its remaining embers .. get wood from the porch cauldron .. load the cook stove .. shut down the cook stove .. put cat food out on porch .. check heater in greenhouse .. feed and water indoor cats .. don coat and hat .. open layer house .. general visual .. drive to town .. get coffee .. drive home .. doff coat and hat .. check big stove .. check cook stove .. wake Joanna .. make the bed .. don coverall, boots, hat, and gloves .. open right side door of big barn .. start air compressor .. walk to horse barn .. start Deere .. get first set of snow chains from big barn to horse barn .. get second set of snow chains from big barn to horse barn .. check air compressor .. pull Deere forward .. position both sets of chains behind Deere .. move Deere back .. check air compressor .. hoist first set of chains .. hoist second set of chains .. pull Deere forward a bit .. pull Deere back a bit .. adjust and set first set of chains .. get hammer and driver from milk room .. adjust and set second set of chains .. check air compressor .. load pressure tank .. fill left front tire on Deere .. shut down air compressor .. motor out of horse barn .. back in to lean-to and up to ballast .. back a bit .. a bit more .. lower hitch .. attach ballast .. pin .. clip .. hoist ballast .. back to horse barn .. drop loader .. drop ballast .. detach bale spike .. stow bale spike .. pull snow blade into position .. adjust loader .. adjust .. attach bottom of snow blade .. pin .. clip .. adjust loader .. adjust .. attach top of snow blade .. pin .. clip .. go back to house to get heavier hat .. plow driveway .. adjust chains .. plow .. adjust chains .. plow .. check fuel .. adjust chains .. plow .. park and shut down Deere .. make mental note about fuel conditioner .. shovel walkways (thanks Joanna for your help) .. shovel porches (thanks Joanna for your help) .. shovel milk room stoop (thanks Joanna for your help) .. clear path for layers (thanks Joanna for your help) .. check propane tank .. check spring .. feed cat in horse barn .. check freezers .. water horses .. muck horses .. grain horses .. toss hay from mow .. hay horses .. hay rams .. water rams .. bleed and store air compressor ..  shut doors to big barn .. shut doors to horse barn .. bring in big dogs .. feed big dogs .. feed geese .. water geese .. feed cats in big barn .. pull down hay for sheep .. check for twine in the bale feeder .. water sheep .. water layers .. feed layers .. check for eggs .. feed song birds .. check wood cauldron .. fill barrow with wood at crib .. load wood cauldron .. check wood closet .. load barrow at wood pile .. fill wood closet … let dogs out to pasture .. shut lights in big barn .. check fence .. check pasture .. check gates .. check horses .. shut off light in cat house .. doff coverall, boots, hat, and gloves .. check big stove .. load big stove .. check cook stove .. load cook stove .. sit down .. look at the clock ..  it’s 12:30 PM and just another day.

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