Raw Fleeces

We offer raw Shetland fleece for sale all year round. Below is a listing of the fleeces which remain from the 2010 and 2011 harvests. The number to the left is the fleece number followed by the year of harvest; this is followed by the color of the fleece; then the name, ID number, and date of birth of the animal from which the fleece was taken. Shetland sheep grow fleeces which come in 11 different colors and in 30 distinct patterns. Click the following link to learn more about the taxonomy of fleece color in these animals. The photo on top shows the kind of handwork involved in shearing while the lower one displays a portion of the palette of natural colors which comprises our flock.

117-10, Tricolor, Tess 262, ‘09
118-10, D. Grey, Polly 189, ‘06
119-10, L. Moorit, Greta 253, ‘09
120-10, Dark Brown, Julia 269, ’09
123-10, L. Gray, Chicory 200, ‘06
124-10, L. Gray, Elinor 245, ‘08
125-10, Gray, Sarah 218, ‘07
127-10, L. Brown, Jade 202, ‘07
129-10, L. Gray, Poppy 223, ‘07
132-10, Gray/White, Diamond 230, ‘08
133-10, Light Gray, Charity 222, ‘07
134-10, Gray/White, Esther 233, ‘08
136-10, L. Gray, Primrose 204, ‘07
138-10, Gray, Alistair 243, ‘08
139-10, L. Gray, Edward 261, ‘09
140-10, Moorit, Vaughn 271, ‘09
141-11, Shaela, Annette 1291, ’10
142-11, Gray, Lacey 1207, ’07
143-11, Gray, Sarah 1218, ’07
144-11, L. Gray, Primrose 1204, ’07
146-11, Gray, Henry 1217, ’07
147-11, Gray, Alistair 1243, ’08
149-11, D. Gray, Polly 1189, ’06
151-11, White, Daisy 1219, ’07
155-11, Emsket, Iris 1166, ’04
156-11, L. Moorit, Greta 1253, ’09
157-11, D. Gray, Fiddle 1250, ’09
159-11, D. Moorit, Madeline 1312, ’10
160-11, Moorit, Branwyn 1225, ’08
161-11, Moorit, Alicia 1296, ’10
163-11, Black w/gray, Amber 1356, ’09
165-11, Moorit, Alice 1322, ’10

If you’d like to talk to us about our fleeces please do not hesitate to get in touch via the link at our website. If you’ve got a particular one in mind we’d be happy to discuss prices and shipping options.

9 thoughts on “Raw Fleeces

  1. Hi there – I’m wondering if you’re still selling your fleeces? I’m interested in dark grey/emsket/shaela. Thanks very much for any info you may have my best regards.

    Heidi Petersen

    • Heidi … I just saw you comment. We have all of the 2013 fleeces in the barn and several 2012 fleeces as well. I’ll be back in touch in just a few days. Thanks for getting in touch. Dave

    • Hi Lisa,

      We sure do have some moorit. See below. xxx-11 are 2011 fleeces and xxx-12 are from 2012.
      We’ve graded the fleeces below as ‘moorit.’
      All fleeces are raw and just as they were taken off the animal at shearing.
      If you’d like a couple of samples let me know and pass along your address.
      Get back in touch via email at Pairodox.Farm@gmail.com … or dsmith5@lhup.edu.
      Thanks for getting in touch. And, by the way, how did yo hear about Pairodox?

      156-11 Light Moorit, Greta 1253, shetland ewe fleece from 2011
      159-11 Dark Moorit, Madeline 1312, shetland ewe cross fleece from 2011
      161-11 Moorit, Alicia 1296, shetland ewe cross fleece from 2011
      175-12 Moorit, Linda 1342, shetland ewe lamb fleece from 2012
      176-12 Moorit, Madeline 1312, shetland ewe cross fleece from 2012


  2. Well. We continue to disagree about this … you should be charging at LEAST $12 per pound. I am really looking for one or more brown fleeces that are as red as possible. I feel like you gave me one before that was quite red with yellow sun tips, maybe from Snickers, but my memory is reliably unreliable. The color of the sheep in the lower left hand corner of the above photo looks similar. Joanna will be keeping most of the fleeces when you move right? Otherwise, I would love to have whatever is left. I’ve been going through them faster these days. I wish I could take a “wool buying” trip to PA 🙂

  3. Can I please buy all of these? Seriously, which is the color of the sheep at the very bottom left of the photo?

    • We’ve got nearly 70 fleeces in the barn (you WILL come take them ALL when we move … won’t you) … you don’t want to buy all of them … trust me. If however what you’re trying to say is that you’d like a moorit (chocolate) fleece – I’ll get right on it – today even, if that is your desire. Since you weren’t at the department meeting the other day I will remind you of this long-standing Pairodox policy … all proven artists receive fleeces for the cost of shipping (and for an unending stream of Audrey photos, videos, and stories). Is that a deal?

      • Hello,

        I am searching for a raw white/ivory Shetland lamb’s fleece to spin for my future daughter-in-law’s wedding shawl. She is making her dress in the Victorian style, as she is a Civil War re-enactor and is also of Irish decent. If the timing were better, I would have been looking for one last summer, but they surprised us and are marrying on St. Patrick’s Day. So you can see I am in a hurry to source one, and know that it may be difficult to find. Can you help me?


        Wendy Bond, Bondkickers@msn.com

        • Wendy,

          You’re in lots of very good luck! I just checked our fleece inventory and it seems we have four fleeces that meet the bill.

          168-12, White, Jill 1330, Shetland lamb fleece
          172-12, White, Aster 1353, Shetland cross lamb fleece
          175-12, White, Linda 1342, Shetland lamb fleece
          179-12, White, Linnett 1350, Shetland cross lamb fleece

          I don’t know how much of a rush you are in. If you feel you’ve got the time I’d be more than happy to send along a small sample of each of these four fleeces – or only two (168-12 and 175-12) if you are fixed on a pure shetland fleece. I think it would be easier it you would reply to my email at Pairodox.Farm@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. By the way … where did you hear about Pairodox? Dave Smith

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